Hiding the Gizmo?

Hi, I find that sometimes the gizmo get in the way as there are too many color lines e.g. when I create a sphere and tries to reduce to a small ball… the gizmo overwhelms my object even if I reduce the size to the minimum so I can’t really inspect my object / scene… this is especially difficult on a phone… is there a way to hide it momentarily while still keeping under the gizmo mode - I could select another object but if the surface area is small, the gizmo will still be getting in the new. Advices please? Thank you.

Go to gizmo setting. There’s hide on interaction

That will require me to interact with the object and my pen / finger will get in the way… … hmm… I was playing with Nomad as I am writing it… I guess one way to workaround my problem is to tap on other brushes and then hit the gizmo again when I need to work on the object….

Have you try it?
It will only hide when you touch the gizmo. Not like completely hide.

Yes. I am aware of that feature and has enabled that but thanks for responding though… I think I found a workaround just now…so I guess I am good for now.

You could try use transform tools it has snap surface option.(optional)
You could also arrange the tools (tap hold and drag) view tools with gizmo close each other for fast access rather workaround. :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes the solution for now is to use another brush, for example simply select Lathe or Tube (by default they are on View mode, but you can still interact with gizmo primitives).

You. Can use the view icon.
Tap&drag the icon to the very top.
I put the transform always on top as well.
Now you can jump back and forth very quickly.
Still leaving transform but also no chance of accidental moving :wink: