Gizmo transparency?

Hi there,

Is there any way to make the gizmo transparent? Gets really difficult to see what’s happening behind it when sculpting small things.

Can we have this as a feature request if it’s not already implemented?



Yes, this absolutely. Being able to resize the Gizmo would help a great deal too

If by resize you mean adjust the size of the gizmo, you can set that in the Gizmo Settings menu.

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The Gizmo is only visible when the Gizmo Tool is active, in the Sculpting Tools the Gizmo is not in the picture.
There is a setting - hide on interaction - which hides all unused Gizmo functions when used.


Oh man that’s embarasing I’ve never noticed that :sweat_smile: thank you this will help my next sculpts be much more enjoyable!

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The option to set gizmo transparency on I.e. 33 % percent would nice though. Or / and to change line thickness. So everyone can choose to his likeness

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absolutely needed! hopefully, it’s just a simple implementation on the @stephomi 's end.

But making the Gizmo on smallest size and having it on hiding while interaction is already super helpful.