Feedback v1.40

stephomi wrote:


1a) mask: for single object with multiple disconnected parts, simply tap on a part to mask/unmask it

2a) paint: fix and improvements on quality

3a) gizmo: no fading when editing pivot
3b) gizmo: the translation arrow widget starts at the center of the gizmo

4a) interface: input text highlights the text by default
4b) interface: material preview with wrong exposure
4c) interface: simplify multiple objects selection by holding and dragging the checkboxes„

Maybe we can collect feedback related to above new features here?
Even though I must say: :star_struck: Awesome!!! What a bunch of helpful new features working like a Charme.

3b An Ultra tiny little thing I found is that blue gizmo arrow is still a bit shorter while transforming.

Hmm the blue arrow is the same as the other. I just check and I don’t see any issue, maybe I’m missing something?

I am sorry. Yesterday it looked like old one, but can‘t find any difference today…As much as I wish to find a reason on somewhere else side, I am afraid that I simply was wrong. Strange.

I didn‘t check all, but it‘s a fantastic update. Thank you very much and sorry for robbing time with false report.

Question qui n’a rien à avoir mais depuis le début je me casse la tête à passer par Google traduction mais en fait vous êtes francophone aussi ? Lol

All masking shortcuts together with hold mask button seems to be disabled now?

I don’t know if it’s a bug but I think there is a limitation on the number of alpha maps that can be imported, from a certain moment I added some in the alpha folder of nomad but they no longer appeared. I have already said it but it would be great to be able to make groups in the alphas.

Je ne sais pas si c’est un bug mais je pense qu’il y a une limitation du nombre d’alpha map que l’on peut importer, a partir d’un certain moment j’en ajoutais dans le dossier alpha de nomad mais ils n’apparaissaient plus. Je l’ai déjà dis mais ce serait génial de pouvoir faire des groupes dans les alphas.

I think you are the second one to mention that.
Did you disable “Mask gesture” in the Interface panel?
Maybe I should remove this checkbox…

There is no limit, but I think they are sorted alphabetically, so you might miss them.
I plan to add folder support for resource files (project, hdris, matcaps, backgrounds, alphas).

Je suis français mais pas le reste du forum :slight_smile:, Google Translate marche plutôt bien à ce que je vois.

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Huh, thank you Stephomi. I’ll can‘t remember switching this off.

Some observations:

-After entering a number in Gizmos transformation dialogue and press enter ( that is so cool now, thank you so much btw. :pray:) the number is not immediately updated. One tap somewhere is needed. It‘s only there.
The only numbers without sliders in Nomad?

-clone toggle does not work by entering a number in transformation. But this is best way to create precise clones with constant distance between objects.
(At least till once there is a way to add number of copies in transformation dialogue as well :smiley:)

-creating a new not validated object with activated mirror, scaling is causing some strange normal issues on mirrored object.