Upcoming Nomad / web version feedback

It seems that most discussions has swept to discord.
But maybe someone is interested to contribute here as well.

So here is my first feedback:
New Primitive controls are AWESOME!!
The only conflict I see is overlapping with transform controls.
This can be confusing for newbies. On the other hand:
Enabling & disabling “edit” is very quick now.

You can use web discord @knacki if you don’t want to download the app.

Discord (this the right one need to register though, previous the login button is gone when not using pc that’s what I thought)
After that click this one: https://discord.gg/SNTwWxHaf4

Well my suggestion on discord, should be off by default for primitive control point(edit). So it won’t overlap. And new user can tap edit widget to check what is that

About the transform control (gizmo?) it was base on vote.

This will be available for tube so have 2 type control

There’s also TAA on post process
I think that’s all :thinking: