Close menus when tapping on top bar please /solved with 1.56

EDIT: This is solved with 1.56.
Long press on cube for camera lock still allows to jump between different camera presets from menu. This is fine for me.

This is something that can get seriously annoying.
You can only close menus when tapping on screen.
Moving the camera is very likely.

What if you want a certain camera? You open the camera menu, tap on camera, and then? How to get rid of the menu?
Menu is only closing when tapping on screen.
BAM, camera moved.

If my suggestion onscreen camera presets is not planned, which would be a pity :vulcan_salute:, closing the menu without tapping on screen but on top bar I.e. would be a serious help.

As long, as there is no camera lock in camera menu, coming long press the cube to lock cam is not THE solution as moving can happen as well.

User case: working on top of blueprints, drawings etc.


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