Tap drag for quick mask blur / plus mask ideas

I requested once a slider, but I think this would be best and intuitive.
Tap hold and drag mask blur button is increasing the blur amount.

That would be monster helpful. In my ideal world it would look like applying Gaussian blur and increase value.
That would be the end of endless tapping on blur like a woodpecker.

More really helpful masking options:

  1. A gradient brush would be nice, for masking and painting. Tap start, tap end point, hit green dot like path, gradient window pops up, adjust gradient - validate.

  2. Mask “painted vertices”

  3. Adjustable cavity mask. For modelling it is very useful as well.

  4. Smear, optional for mask.

  5. Mask layer changes - like super cool extract function.

  6. Layer extract algorithm for extract mask? This is very hypothetical, but isn’t extract layer producing cleaner meshes than extract mask?


I’ve found extract layer to give much better results than extract mask. The intensity is controllable, can be deleted selectively using the delete layer tool and the contents of the layer can be generated through the use of any of the sculpting tools. This almost negates the use of the mask extract feature in my opinion.

Ok it‘s point six of six, still I want to blur mask much more easy for bending and a bunch of other things.
Anyway it is interesting.
I don‘t know exactly, but making some tests with insect wing alpha turning out following:

1 extract layer works with only paint, I didn‘t know that.
2 extract layer is as precise as extract mask, but seems to have a better cleaning algorithm? At least for bigger parts?
3 both extract features give very “poor” results compared to triplanar :joy: :crazy_face: :roll_eyes:

This is way beyond my knowledge.

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