Mask + Measure tool = linear gradient mask

original idea by @Vitalik_Yatskin

I bet it can be fast to make a linear mask tool by combining raymarching from Measure tool with a Mask tool:


Good request, some further ideas:

  • option to have a falloff curve controlling the transition
  • additional 2D mode where the control line can go outside the object (mask woud be applied as a camera projection for that)

Nomad’s UI is getting a bit busy though, so I think we can help if we deliver some suggestions how to “ideally” integrate it in the UI. I’ll try to come up with something after the mask and selmask have been merged (as seems to be planned)

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Apologies if you’ve seen it already, but I made this tutorial about a few gradient masking methods I figured out that may be helpful. The one that projects a mask from a plane is particularly controllable and basically acts like a camera projection. A purpose made tool would of course be great though!

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