Masking Screen Project with alpha

I mentioned this as a response to another post but I thought it may need a new topic.
The Select Mask brush is useful because it masks according to camera view. One can take the lasso tool and then circle to mask let’s say a limb. The mask projects through the limb. The problem is that to bend the limb I need to blur that edge mask over and over by clicking a button or the screen. This is why I previously suggested a blur slider in the Masking palette.
I am aware I can apply an alpha to a Mask brush or change the fall off curve to also get soft edge masks. The problem with this is the mask projects onto a mesh’s surface and not through a mesh like the Select Mask. This makes it difficult to control where the gradient of the mask falls.
Now I see in the Stroke palette of the Mask brush there is a greyed out option for screen project. If this would allow me to paint a mask on a limb with a gradient mask and have that mask go through the limb like a Select Mask lasso tool, that would be very useful as it would be a partial solution to bend, twist and taper meshes.
I think a mask whose intensity is controlled by an alpha that projects through a mesh based on camera view would be useful for both organic and hard edge modeling.
Just an idea.

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