Posing and poly modeling

steph I just want to start off by saying your app is absolutely incredible and I use it literally every day. With that said I’m just wondering if you have any plans to implement some sort of posing tool. It’s pretty common to in a t-pose for ease of symmetry but one it’s finished it become pretty difficult to pose your model even using something like blender or zbrush. Would there be any way to implement something like that in nomad? My second question is about poly modeling are there any plans to implement that in nomad sort of like zmodeler in zbrush. I ask because it would be really useful but I have no idea how hard it would be to implement. Again thanks for all of your work this app is really amazing!


That would be helpful. Simple parenting system would help a lot with posing limbs for example.

I’d like to add poly modeling tools but I’m not sure how to address that.
Ideally I want to add as few tools as possible, but it’s not obvious to me what would be the most important feature to do first.
Most poly tools tends to have an army of buttons so I prefer to not rush in making something not intuitive.

As for posing, I get that a lot but I’m not sure what people are really expecting.
Zsphere? Rigging? Automatic posing (like the blender pose, but I’m a bit skeptical about the automatic posing tools, I could investigate a bit more to see if it works well).
I would tend naturally to support rigging, because it’s something that you can export/import to other softwares are well, and it opens the door to animation as well (similarly to layers/morphs).

Not related to the above but one of the next tool I’ll make is a curve/tube tool, the idea is to make object from scratch like the other primitives, but with more artistic control.


Thanks for the response. As for the poly modeling the main thing that I can think of is the ability to extrude faces and edges. To be able to scale slice and extrude primitives would be ideal. Since scale and Slice is already there extrude would be the main thing. It would be good for creating hard surface shapes and would be good for treating base shapes and then subdividing to sculpt.

As for the posing I would say either rigging or zsphere style rigging like in the zbrush transpose master. Basic rigging like rigify in blender seems like it would be the best though because it would be versatile and provide what everyone wants which is to model in tpose and then pose the finished model however they want primarily for printing. Finally that curve tubes brush sound great and would have a ton of applications I know I could have used it on my last model for sure.

One final question and this may just be my lack of understanding but it there currently a way to add textures from an alpha to a surface? I know you can apply an alpha to an existing brush but it just lays the alpha with additional volume when you sculpt with it. What I mean is the model stays the same but the texture is applied to the contours of the existing surface. Like adding skin pores on a face that you have sculpted or leather texture to a jacket.

thanks again for this awesome app and for your time!!

I’m not sure I understand your question but maybe the page on stroke/alpha could help

Hi, I’m new to the site, but I had to chime in on this request. There was an awesome app called 123d creature that was removed from the App Store which had a rigging feature.

Something like this would be outstanding!

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Yes too bad they removed it from the App Store.

On Android you can still find the APK for 123D Sculpt+, and the rigging feature is there as well.
From what I can see it’s based on implicit surface.

If I may chime in,
I really like 3dcoat’s implementation of the the tool. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3UifVSt_6A
It does some really nice things with selection type, just like nomad.

Something similiar would complement nomad’s tools very nicely i think. Used in conjunction with masking and gizmo you can get a lot of creative uses for it (like mimicking parametric/lattice deformations like taper, squeeze, bend, twist etc.)

just my two cents.


I agree, something like that or the transpose smart mask would be ideal to pose characters

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Rather than bloating Nomad Sculpt with loads of additional features how about developing a suite of apps that work in concert with each other eg….

Nomad Mesh - low poly modelling (basically all the features of Zmodeller in Zbrush) and UVing that updates base mesh in Sculpt, when problematic additional sculpting has been done you’ll be alerted to re-UV the base mesh or show heat maps where UV stretching is occurring

Nomad Pose - Zsphere type rigging, as I believe it’s the most user friendly but if there is a better, easier solution then I bow to more expert suggestions. These poses would then translate back into Sculpt as a Blend Shape layer (such a Morph Target in Zbrush) and being able to continue symmetry sculpting whilst posed is essential

Just my 2 cents, I know it’s a lot of work for a solo dev but I’d happily pay for both of these apps as I’m sure many others here would too, and if some users don’t care for these features then it won’t impact their sculpting experience :blush:


I’ve been experimenting with the tube tool and getting good low poly results. it could be extended into something like this: https://dust3d.org/.

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Well about low poly modeling as second app @stephomi “it will be hell of managing two app”

Well let’s just wait.

Also my suggestion for low poly if in single app, perhaps can do some kind switch UI/UX, but after switching its lock the model cannot be sculpt anymore. Maybe by doing so it will also not burden the ram?

As for posing I prefer what @stephomi had in he’s mind

I always sculpt my character in A pose and do posing later since current only can use mask and gizmo, at certain conditions it’s rather difficult to do especially using a lot object. But can’t help since I want to save the A pose with perfect symmetry separate with the posing character.
Basically I’m not sure how rigging works with millions poly. :sweat_smile: If could make me easier that will be great. Or perhaps rigging can only be use at beginning and only with low poly? :sweat_smile:

New features is coming so he kinda busy I believe :slightly_smiling_face:

On Posing… I find all the typical methods like boning and ZSphere rigging are just so fiddly and not dependable nor intuitive. Blender’s Pose Brush comes the closest I think to a truly intuitive Posing procedure… But rather than selecting some vertices (which seems only good for low poly I’m thinking…) to mark the posing pivot (masked) points, it would seem rather a better mode to simply be able to “paint” an area of the model and say… Ok that’s a pose area (for elbow etc…) adjusting the “paint/mask” brush params for size and blur could assist in better and more organic posing. Posing would be done by using a simple pose tool just to grab the mesh and move it freely in 3D space (Blender’s Pose Brush seems to do that very well)… No Gizmo posing Please!!!

Adding to my comment above… I’m only interested in posing for 3D printing so I acknowledge this pose brush idea would not work for export for animation… Also, I suppose there would be two tools for this pose brush method … One to paint/mask the pivot points… Elbow, knee, wrist, neck etc… And the second pose tool would do the in free 3D space moving and bending. The “painted” posed points would be remembered and activate whenever the pose brush/tool is selected.

Agree with Dface_Lesh I wouldn’t mind paying for a second app to avoid overbloating the sculpt app, but yeh maintenance will be challenging

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+1 I would love a rigging feature or even a simple Nomad Pose app.

I like to throw my hat into the ring on the posing tool… but I thought of a low tech version to it

Just add grouping to the scene … it’s like simple merge where the model is in pieces but you add layers to the pivot points

Create a group pick the parts to add

For example arm group … hand , forearm, bicep. And with in the group each part has their own pivot point.

I do this in vector app affinity designer



I have no idea what would be best but I would love an easy way to position my model in a different pose… I am currently realizing maybe I should have sculpted my current model with the final pose in mind now that I’m trying to do it and struggling in how to do it. Not to mention that I would love to position it in various ways.