First UV tests with Nomad & Procreate

Ha! I am first.
I could be that quick, as I made a really ugly 5 min. sculpt,.
UVs in Nomad, export as obj
Load into Procreate.
Color fill looked very good, no seems.
Some ugly brush strokes.
It works!

Had probs to import from Dropbox so exported it to my iPad. Procreate imported from there.


Who’ll be the first to pester Stephane for more UV functionality :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Haha, cool! :sunglasses:

Hi, do you mind sharing what your vertice count is for Santa with UV’s and which iPad your using? I’m running 2018 iPad Pro 1tb and tested using the default sphere followed by a decimated sphere. The original sphere saved out at about 11mb vs about 700kb for the decimated sphere. The issue I’ve encountered is that exporting either of those objects took 4-5 minutes making me wonder if it would export.

iPad Pro 10,5 see status on first pic for exact vert count.
Exporting to iPad is much faster than exporting to cloud.

Thanks for input. I’m saving locally, what’s odd is that about half the wait is waiting for the export dialog to load to tell where to save. Thrilled for the UV workflow, maybe they’ll be more guidance soon.

So, I shut down my iPad and restarted, the new UV feature now has no lag time saving, awesome!!! Maybe this will be helpful if anyone else experiences exporting UV lag.

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I don’t always get perfect results but I’m getting very good results. Very happy with this update… I also enjoy a lot that voxel remesh takes into account hard edges… I’m trying to sculpt some imported logos and text and it was hard not to get jagged edges but now I have that option to help me.

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