Issues with export to Procreate

Hi all,

i Just learnt about the exporting of nomad sculpt to procreate for painting. I have been facing a couple of issues…hope to get some advices from the more experienced folks here.

Q1: Procreate complains that some of my sculpts has missing meshes and stops the import process. i have been trying exporting out a few variations to determine what were the causes but i am not able to pinpoint.

Q2: When a sculpt do get imported into Procreate, the environment goes black… there is lighting but toggling any of the environment will not work. If i re-install my Procreate, the first import will have environment. Subsequently all imports will be black again. This happens on my Ipad Pro (first edition). This behaviour does not happen in my newer iPad Mini 6 (the imports will always have environment) but it will complain there is overlapped UV.

So i have been messing with the above for a while… any ideas?