How to import materials

I scanned a model with the iPad Lidar.
Exported the file with glTF , OBJ and STL.
I tried all the importing options. But all of them imported without texture map.

Nomad doesn’t support texturing because it doesn’t support UVs, only vertex painting is supported.

You can see a video about the difference here

I’ll probably support UV at some point but it’s not top priority.


Thanks for quick reply.

Shame its not a priority :frowning_face:
I would be using this in commercial projects if it had tex+uv support.

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Hi Stephomi

Would you have a date when nomad sculpt will support UV it seems there is a lot of folks asking for it on Nomad- it would such a great addition to an already amazing app. Hope you will consider our request for UV support In nomad

Thread about all this here:

Thanks for the thread

please please, must to be a priority, by the way have you even ear about codea game engine for iPad Pro? there is a way for include direct support ? should it check that app… thank for nomad sculpt. we love it.

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