Export texture map

It would be nice if you can export unwraped texture map. Or export vertex paint as obj mtl so Maya or 3dsmax could read vertex paint.

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Vertext paint is exported from Nomad and can be used in other software. You just need to apply a material with a Vertex colour node and select the channel that Nomad exports.
You can unwrap models in Nomad by selecting the 4th icon on the topology menu.

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3dsmax Obj doesn’t read vertex colors for some reason. Also when you unwrap model in nomad it doesn’t contain vertex colors. I’m new to Nomad and I might be wrong. I was thinking, if possible, it would be nice to have texture export to jpg, tiff or png containing painted colors once unwrapped. But also I understand it’s a mobile app so it has it’s limits…

Haven‘t tried with nomad so far. But there is a script for max to import zBrush polypaint. Which is vertex painting. Polypaint | ScriptSpot
It must work with Nomad somehow as well.

You don’t actually need to unwrap. Just export the poly painted model to obj & then add a vertex paint node to you material - the vertex paint is called Col1 or something like that.
I’ve used blender to do this but I’m sure it’s also a thing in Max.
You can then UV unwrap and bake the vertex paint to texture map.

@knacki thank you so much for the script. I’ll def try it since cuts out one step from my process. I use meshlab to turn it to .ply then use guruware plugin to load it to 3dsmax (both are free) then I unwrap it and bake it in 3dsmax. So from there I can create bump specular etc.
@Bezzo I tried in max to add vertex node but it doesn’t read the color. I know blender does. I searched on Autodesk forums and they say it will be implemented in future version of max because of photogrammetry workflow. They also say they’ll add glTf import which is nice.
Anyways thanks for your help :pray:

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Deleted due to bullshit Nonsense bla bla bla.

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Lol. Honesty is a curse :crazy_face:

Tried the script - no luck on direkt import with vertex color in 3Ds.
Sending an obj fromNomad to zBrush then to 3Ds is working with the script.
There is probably only one tick missing the script sets, but I‘ve no idea where.
Makes me a bit nuts.

Edit: it is announced that in 3dsmax 2023 gtlf export will come. Didn‘t find anything about import……well blender…. again.

Is there a script for blender to do this PBR linking automatically?

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