Feature request: uv-mapping

hi all, could it be possible to implement a feature to generate uvw-maps and export the painting textures as png? at least like forger is providing this? i am using c4d r13, and it cannot read vertexpainting…—


For now texturing is out of Nomad scope.

Maybe I’ll do it at some point but it’s not high priority as it’s not trivial.

thanks for the answer, stéphane!

I’m not super familiar with c4d but it sounds odd that it wouldn’t read vertex colors, that’s something very basic. Have you tried playing with the shader settings?

hi andrew,thanks for answering… it starts with the problem, that c4d R13 doesn´t import gltf-files… i am helping myself with the free software meshlab, it can convert vertex to texture (only colour, no roughness etc…) maybe i will try to export as obj from forger and paint it there…

You can try to import the glb directly in Blender and then export in FBX.
I don’t know much about C4D though.

Hi. I liked to request the uv map working since I use Blender and does my start work of a face there and an UV map, then exporting to Nomad (excellent app, ive used Zbrush and Nomad feels super with pen support).Then to Nomad to do the finer and more exact work. And then I want to import that back to Blender for final work, but then the UVs are gone! So this is really something important to have in the future! I know its not easy but would be really appreciated! Keep up the good work!


It’s not robust but there’s experimental UV support in Nomad.

  • bottom of Interface menu: check UV (maybe you’ll need to click the dev button first)
  • you need to check this option before loading your object
  • in Shading menu you can choose “UV” to make sure you can see your UVs
  • Apart from multiresolution, any operation that edit the topology will either drop UV or crash

I need UV painting too!) +++

Hi with procreate 5.2 out soon (I beta test it) do you plan to add UV generator on nomad ?


@Kouza_Nagi This topic recently came up: Exporting 3D sculpt on Procreate beta / UV issue

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I’d very much like to echo a wish for UV generation as well. There’s a YT video that hobbles together Nomad and Forger (for the UV generation) to get over to Procreate. So much easier if we could generate UV’s natively in Nomad without resorting to Forger. IMO, Nomad is a superior to Forger but it’s combersome to work in 3 apps that way and importing Nomad models to Forger is not ideal. I’ve been awaiting a decent workflow for modeling/painting on iPad and it’s so close.

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Would love uv support too!

What do you mean? Nomad Sculpt now has UV unwrap.

UV unwrapping was added in build 1.62, we’re now on the last stretch of 1.65 before .66