Feature request: uv-mapping

hi all, could it be possible to implement a feature to generate uvw-maps and export the painting textures as png? at least like forger is providing this? i am using c4d r13, and it cannot read vertexpainting…—

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For now texturing is out of Nomad scope.

Maybe I’ll do it at some point but it’s not high priority as it’s not trivial.

thanks for the answer, stéphane!

I’m not super familiar with c4d but it sounds odd that it wouldn’t read vertex colors, that’s something very basic. Have you tried playing with the shader settings?

hi andrew,thanks for answering… it starts with the problem, that c4d R13 doesn´t import gltf-files… i am helping myself with the free software meshlab, it can convert vertex to texture (only colour, no roughness etc…) maybe i will try to export as obj from forger and paint it there…

You can try to import the glb directly in Blender and then export in FBX.
I don’t know much about C4D though.