Unable to apply UV textures/decals to a pre-existing mesh

Hey. I’m unable to apply a pre-existing UV texture onto my mesh. It’s UV wrapped already. I imported it into Nomad and tried to find ways to also apply the texture to the mesh.

Is there no feature that allows me to do this? Is the process hidden behind 5 subtle icons? Or am I just flat-out dumb? Help!

My recently imported UV mesh and my UV texture.

If the model already contains the textures, you need to go in shading menu and select “pbr - uv”.

If file doesn’t contain the texture, you cannot import it from Nomad for now.

Ah. Thank you.

Do you know how to do this per chance? It’ll be extremely helpful if you know!
Thank you again for answering my previous question.

To do what exactly?

To add the texture to the mesh before importing it to Nomad. So I could see it through PBR - UV.
Sorry, I’m a bit new to the technical side of 3D modeling.

If you already have the texture, you just need a software where you can load the texture and then export back to glTF (or obj+mtl, but Nomad supports glb better).

I don’t know what is the easiest way, there are tons of software.

Blender is usually the way to go.
If you are stuck on the iPad, you can manage to load the texture with three.js editor and export back.

Thank you so much! :smile: