Messed up roughness and metalness

Bug reports: After update to 1.38 android my previously saved project has a weird change in metalness a nd roughness

This is how it should look (in the thumbnail sved on Nomad sculpt 1.37)

But this is how it looks (in pbr mode, also it’s the same hdri in the background without any rotation)

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I like your model

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Fix incoming very soon.
Do not overwrite any of your save until then (or your will loose metal/rough information).

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Thanks…No need to rush

Well actually for a bug like that I definitely need to rush ahah.
The new version is on the way, just the time for Google to approve (usually very fast, an hour or so).

Thankfully it only happens on Android.
iOS review process is much longer, so each time I screw up an Android release I can cancel the iOS one.

I just received the update v1.38 build45, but the issue is still there… I didn’t overwrite the previous file too…

It’s still behaving same…

It’s build 46 that you need.

That means I still have to wait for the update… :sweat_smile:

It’s fixed now… I received another update v1.38 build46… Now everything seems to be workin fine…

Thanks for the quick fix…
Keep up the good work… :blush: