Other texturing app aside from procreate?

i need another way to texture my models and keep the painting from the model and or make a uv map of my colors and save them

Next update will have bake to texture. For now if you have access to a PC you can use blender to bake. There is another app for iPad called ArnorPaint. It does texture painting but I warn you it is not good (yet). Search the forum for reviews.

do you know when the next update will be released?

No, but it will be worth the wait.

hello, can you send an invitation to the beta test, the mail matches the account, thank you very much <3

You need to post your request in the Beta Test Flight thread so that Stephane can see it :slight_smile:

I must be blind, where is this in the 1.66 beta? I looked around the various menus but couldn’t see it.

Topology menu - UV/Deci submenu

it appears of course only if a UV is active. @mestela