Bake color map from high res texture model

Hello guys,
Got an issue and would like to know if it is possible to do so.
I am trying to clean scans I am doing for low poly/VR project.
Importing my scan from scaniverse into nomad got that first image, lot of faces and the texture applied to it.
The issue is that when I bring back a retopology model with UV from CozyBlanket only Normals are baked into a texture, not the color.
I guess the color is baked only from vertex paint not texture.
Is there a way to bake the texture from that scan onto that new retopology model?
Thanks a lot in advance for your help.

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Not possible, the textures are ignored.

Thanks Stéphane,

Is there an other way to make it happen, maybe?
I am trying a full iPad workflow for assets creation and so far almost there, Scaniverse, Nomad, CozyBlanket and Procreate.
Nomad is really a great app to sculpt easily on IPad, thanks for that.
Can we bake the texture to a vertex paint even if we loose to much details?
If not I will need to go back to blender or Maya to bake color map on the retopology model.

Thanks again for that quick answer.
Keep doing great stuff and take care

Merci :wink:

Matthieu @Ho-M-ade
Visual Creations & Real Time ArchViz

Inside Nomad there is no solution for now.
I don’t think you can do it on the iPad (unless you redo the UV to be similar to the high poly, but that would be pointless).

At some point I’ll probably take the texture into account for the Baking and Reproject options.

No worries Stephane,

Thanks again for everything.
Maybe one day it will be possible to bake that texture inside Nomad sculpt.

For now I will do it on PC for that specific scan texture bake task.

Will keep the same workflow for a character sculpt though, as it will be painted in procreate, so no need to bake other infos than the normals.

Have a great evening
Merci encore :wink:

Matthieu @Ho-M-ade
Visual Creations & Real Time ArchViz

I think its been talked about on the Discord - maybe baking texture back to vertex paint?

There is no need to add more buttons.
I just need to read texture data on top of vertex painting.

Reproject : (texture/vertex) → vertex
Texture Baking : (texture/vertex) → texture


That will be AWESOME if it is not to much work to implement from
your side
Thank in advance Stephane

Good day Stephane,
How are you doing?
Thanks for those updates on Nomad Sculpt.
I was wondering though if you are thinking of adding that features to bake color textures map already on an object.
That will be great but if you are not planning to do so, no worries.
Thanks in advance
Have a great evening

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It’s planned but I don’t know when exactly, probably soon.


Thanks so much Stephane.
Really appreciate.

Take care