Help me please can you make a texture image?

uh hi, i don’t really know how to use nomad sculpt THAT i need some help please, i dont know how most of the tools work and what they mean. im still in the 5th grade so please dont get mad for my stupidity- and bad grammar
so i use roblox studio to make a silly game i’m making with a friend of mine, i made a 3d model for one of the characters but when i imported it (the model)
it had no color- if im right, i need to make a texture color image?? but the thing is idk how to make one.!!! my friend told me to use blender instead but im not really allowed to dowload blender on my family laptop cuz its heavy and big-
and i really didn’t find anything that could help. so is it possible to make a texture color image on nomad sculpt and save it to the same file with the model, what i mean is like when i save it as an obj and i import into roblox studio it should have color since there is a texture color image in the same file??? sorrry for bad explanation :frowning:
please dont get mad at me :<


Someone with more experience will likely be along soon with better suggestions. In the meantime:

Nomad Sculpt uses vertex colors for painting. I think you need to “bake” those to a texture map in order to get them into something like Roblox Studio.

These videos are tutorials for preparing Nomad Sculpt models for export to game engines and, might help: