Cool ideas for nomad sculpt

Hi I have Cool ideas for nomad . Nomad is cool but there is some problems. 1_in new update you add lights but only 3 lights we need up to 3 lights and we need emission for materials.2_model. nomad very needs an pose tool and riging tool yes for example Auto desk 123sculpt+ it has riging tool and pose tool finish. Please add this ideas to nomad

Well I have cool ideas for Nomad as well, just need the time to

  1. low priority, the way lights are implemented right now is not really scalable. And rendering-wise I believe there are more important things than adding more lights (sss, refraction, volumetric)

  2. low priority as well. Each new painting channel adds a non-negligeable amount of memory, so I’m extra careful with that. Especially since emissive is potentially 3 component in itself.

  3. Yes I agree, but it’ll take a lot of time. There are different ways to make posing tools, I’ll need to experiment when I have time.

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Oh really nice :slightly_smiling_face::blush:

painting emission, sss and refraction is what is more important. the installation even if it is complicated for the moment it is still feasible but unfortunately not the rest. stephomi does a remarkable job in the long term i think nomad sculpt will be essential. besides dans.l apple store I saw it in 16th position of sales.

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