Transparency and refraction problem

Not sure if this is a bug or not. The first image the refraction and dithering settings on the model works how I wanted it to. There are 3 separate models that make the glass tank. An outside glass shell, a flipped normal air model and a water model.

The problem is when I load the scene again the settings for the materials are still there in the material menu but the refraction and other settings won’t look the same in the workspace even if I turn all settings on and off in the materials and post process and change the sliders. Am I missing something?

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You can send me the model and I’ll take a look.

Sent you a Dropbox link. Thanks.

For your model you can simply flip the normals again and bake the matrix in the vertex (“bake” button).

Nomad detects that the transform changes the order of the face (negative scale) decides to flip the face back.
I’ll fix the inconsistency, either by baking automatically when you input a negative scale in the transform, or by allowing negative scale when loading a mesh.

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nothin 'I’m taking advantage of this post because you explained to me that to reverse the faces you had to put -1 in the scale, it seems to me that it worked perfectly before except that now if I reverse a sphere in -1 it is fine reversed but double in volume, the ideal would be that it does not move but I do not understand the trick.

Note : I think I understood, I had to duplicate this sphere and your scale was 0 since transformed with the gizmo.

Thanks Stéphane. I tried it and it worked. :+1:t2:

Nothing has changed.
For the -1 scale trick, it’s best to only scale a single axis (non uniform scale).

But I’m not sure I’m going to keep this behavior.
It’s annoying because it’s not consistent across software.
Typically in blender the faces are not inverted (in relation to backface culling) if you use negative scale. ⚓ T37652 Inverted normals with negative scaling

I’ll think about it.