Mirrored primitives flipped normals


They’re flipped until validated

I can’t reproduce, which primitive? Do you have a screenshot?

One issue that I see is weird shading when scaling down the object.
It only happens with smooth shading though.

Hmm…seems like all the primitives. I’ve got smooth shading disabled.
I updated and made a new scene:

Edit: Nevermind, it’s the backface option + transparency that is the issue.

You can fix the issue by re-enabling backface in the settings.

Aha, enabling backface solves it. Thanks.

fwiw, it was fine hiding backfaces in previous versions.

This is what’s happening to mirrored primitivesbefore validation (backfaces are shown as in the settings list). Only happens when primitive is mirrored and scaled down prior to validation. Once validated they appear fine.

Yes it will be fixed as well.