Objects turn translucent

Not sure if this is a bug or I’m hitting something accidentally. Twice now I have had objects turn translucent. First just mirrored objects:

And then with all objects:

Did I hit something wrong or do an obscure gesture or…?

Primitives mirrored part is always semi transparent.

I understand that. This behavior seems different than how that looks. When I began the first example, the were semi translucent but I could still see them clearly. The photo shows them when they suddenly became barely visible at all. Could it have anything to do with how many objects are in the scene left not validated?

Also, only a couple objects in the second image were mirrored.

I’m not sure what I should look at.

In any case you can send me the file if you want me to take a look (save the file while with a viewpoint where the bug appears)

I went back into the files and they suddenly behave like expected again. I’m not exactly sure what combination of things I’m doing that at producing these odd results. Thank you for responding and offering to look into it further but it may be more helpful for you if I can get a better idea on what I’m doing when things seem to go weird. I’ll reach out if it continues happening or if I figure out why :+1:t2: