Objects with almost same height are switching from back to front - Solved, no Bug!

Solved, no bug!!! Common overlapping handled even much nicer in Nomad with flipping instead of flickering.

Don’t know if one can call it a bug.
Hard to explain. See below screenshots of turntable.
At a certain angle red object is interpreted as behind but switches to front in rotation. I had this issue with very thin insect wings and their tiny bit thicker veins as well. I found no solution there.

Yest i see this bug too mostly with stamp and mirroring mode activate.

Are objects transparents?

I don’t understand if the red and metallic parts are exactly on the same position.

I don’t understand.

No transparency, same position. It depence on view angle. Unfortunately I lost this example. I’ll make a new one and upload it for you…

I mean, if they’re the same position, this is pretty typical behavior for any 3D app. It sounds like z-fighting.

Exactly, overlapping faces is not something that you want to deal in 3d softwares.
Unless there is something else that I’m missing I would certainly not label it as a Nomad bug.

After some tests I have to admit that Nomad is handling this common issue even better than I.e. 3Ds Max. While in max the overlapping is causing continuous flickering in faces, Nomad clearly decides.

I was surprised that, using extract, even smallest differences already are enough to solve that issue.
Already 0,001 solved the flipping, even though digital input regularly shows only two digits behind comma.

Solved, no bug.

The insect wings were done with transparency - @stephomi you asked directly if I was using transparency, is that handled a bit different?

When it comes to overlapping faces, it will depends on which gpu as well, it’s very sensitive.

Yes transparency is a nightmare in real time rendering.
I’ll probably add other type of transparency such as dithering later.
If you want to know more you can read Transparency / Opacity – Sketchfab Help Center (Nomad for now only have the blending type).


I see dithering on sketchfab for non moving object and animation impressive.