Lot of bugs in shadow (SOLVED)

Bug reports
is this a bug, if it is. will it be fix on next release or in later releases?

You know that Nomad is a real-time render and not ray-trace? You can’t really expect to be rendering global illumination, single exterior light source images on the iPad……just never gonna happen.
You’d probably even struggle to correctly render your scene in Vray on the PC unless you had some knowledge of material transmission and light portals for GI bounces.
The shadow you circled next to the bed is actually correct as the bed is in the way of the light hitting the floor.
Just my 2 cents. :smile:

im circling the side of the bed because the shadow of the human mesh appearing on the ground, it should’t be there, cuz it’s already blocked by the mattress of bed.

May be partly to do with the normal bias setting in the light, but could also be an issue (I think I read somewhere?) that a huge sized model can cause issues with lighting & shadows. Don’t quote me on that, like I’m possibly misquoting someone too :slight_smile:
Also……it’s not raytracing so some errors are to be expected.

On light bleed, is the floor and walls seperate objects? If so welding them as a whole object may fix this. Also look into shadow bias as mentioned in the latter post.

I’ve try to randomly adjust to eliminate the bug, but i think it does’t work and the walls and flor are single mesh

Check the bed material setting make sure it is set to opaque. So far this has been the only way I have replicated. If this is not it let me know.

Likely not, it’s more a limitation than bug.
I might improve shadow maps or add more tweak options later, but there will always be issues with shadow maps, if I “fix” one fix it will break another thing (light bleed, shadow acne, peter panning, etc).

There is a bug with shadows but it only happen with perspective camera and it will be fixed on next release (but it’s not the issue here).

(Marking the thread even though there is not solution)


Try turning shadow to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’ for all objects.

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im done with this thread. it already has a solution

What was the solution?

There was no actual solution but the solution from developer. because this is a bug report and i was looking for response of developer(s), and the response of the developer is here Lot of bugs in shadow (SOLVED) - #8 by stephomi

Thanks for replying :smiley: