Help a noob

So being new to pretty much everything 3d, I don’t yet fully know how to describe the problem I’m experiencing or to know even if it is a problem. Hoping the great community here could help me understand what I’m experiencing and how to fix it or if it is even a problem. So I’ve uploaded a short vid.

So whenever I introduce lights to a scene and start zoomjng in, it looks like the lighting positions change or scale. I understand that there will always be noise, but what I’m seeing makes me wonder if its artefacts? I’m convinced I’m doing something wrong. Can anyone help a noob understand a whats happening?

Thanks Nomad community

Hmm it looks like a bug, do you have a simple way to replicate the bug?

Otherwise you can send me the file at and I could take a look.

Thanks @stephomi, I’ve sent my file to you.

It happens as soon as I add lights to a scene and then zoom in close to an object.

Forgot to mention in my initial post, I use a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite, Android v11.

Probably same as Unwanted shadow flickering - #16 by Bnadem

Do you replicate the bug on nomad - WebAssembly?

Can’t get it replicated on the web version, zooming in close does not cause what I get on the tablet. Device related then?

Yes it’s the same issue as with the other thread.
The fix should be available for next release.

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