Shadow catcher Material, please

It would be such a cool thing to do something like this completely in Nomad. Now Shadows are painted.

Background picture by Sander Jeurissen


Way to addictive! Here I could integrate an almost invisible plane for shadow catching.

Background picture by Stijl te Straake / Unsplash

What if the floor grid height is catching shadows? Just a check for Shadows beside the check for grid. I guess there was a request like this already. The output is really worth it.


ive found if i disable painting “show painting” in settings - Disable AO and tone mapping/curves - set view tro unlit → then i can get a white background with the black shadow, then can comp that in procreate in multiple after the fact.

if you want to do it full on in nomad thats tricky. you can place the image as a matte in the background, but you would have to create the plane to get the shadow - i +1 on getting that in Nomad also as it would be great for composing larger scenes ex: render a background - place that as a matte painting and then only have the model casting in nomad etc

@mlnngton On complex models, this workaround needs some effort (simple merging, material change etc) but gives a good result. I needed to crank up the Spotlight quite a bit to get a good shadow and white though.

As long as your background image allows to hide the minimal visible borders when material of plane is on blending and opacity on 0.5, my version can be done in Nomad only, like this:

The plane fits to the ground corners.

We just need a shadow check in the grid menu to enable shadow catching at grid height. That would be lovely.


Well, after some more tests….the shadow catcher material would be the superior solution though. No doubt.

But the effect here is not as nice as possible because AO between two objects switches off the moment opacity is less than 100%

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browsing through the forums and really interested in figuring more about how you did this! How did you manage to get the planes transparent enough to cast (or simply draw) a shadow yet not show any of the material? Are you just playing around with tone mapping and color correcting?

It’s done with planes and dithering material on around 50% opacity.
Else, I changed the planes colour according to the background picture. This works perfectly with Nomads material real time preview.
The effect itself is not perfect and needs some patience. Also it works on some backgrounds better than other. My last example was perfect as the background picture walls were easily overlayed with simple planes. The planes edges could be hidden in real picture edges. The grey colour and minimum detail of background picture helped very much as well. Still, the color is slightly changed, so a shadow catcher material would be super helpful for pics like that.


cool thanks for the reply. That’s sort of what I managed to end up doing as well. Not a bad workaround, really. Just gotta pick and choose the right background image for now.

:blush: and choose less density on planes and switch on wireframe to place camera. Wireframe helps to find perspective. Once cam position is found, save view and lock view with long press on navigation cube. :blush: