Keep shadows and occlusion

Seems useless , more for people who like to play with rendering in nomad and useful, The option to keep the shadows even if the object is 100% transparent would be useful for cgi renderers ,I think you will say “nomad was not made for rendering, but modeling” I know it 's difficult to program this I believe , but I hope that one day you think about this function .

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You mean a shadow catcher? Maybe in the future.

As for the inverse (casting a shadow from an invisible object) it’s possible.
Choose additive material and keep the opacity to 1.0.
The use « always unlit » and paint your model to fully black.
I don’t think that’s useful though.


ok :smiley:
I will try

it’s work and always unlit not necessary. A little extra tip you can also vary the intensity of the projected shadow by first choosing blending mode by reducing the opacity and re-choosing additive;) It was certainly not planned but it works well.