Object not affected by light

Everything is in the title, maybe it’s already exist but I didn’t find a way to achieve this (I only found the cast shadow option that is great) . It should be nice to have somehing like in blender🙂.

There is the “always unlit” checkbox in the material settings

Yep but you lose all the properties of the material, roughness metalness… It’s usefull to simulate a light source or getting a flat color render.

So is it still affected by light in blender then? I don’t get it. If there’s no light then the object become just a black void doesn’t it?

“A picture says a thousand words.”

Hint: try posting a screenshot of the issue- it helps people see what’s going on instead of taking guesses.

OK, I think there is a misunderstood, I have no problem with the light system in nomad, everything work like a charm. My post was about a request for an eventually update to improve the light system: it should be nice to have the possibility to isolate any object from any light source, meaning that you can tweek the light effect very nicely for each object in your scene. In Blender you can do that but it’s Blender, not nomad😁, I love both. It’s just an idea and I don’t know if it’s possible to implement that in nomad in the futur.
here is a link of a short video