Can nomad make the rendered object shine all around?


Not sure how you uploaded your images, but something went wrong.

Why should somebody named “Chou” call himself martin and write korean hieroglyphics in a chat? :smiley:

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You want a kind of glow around your object, right?

appellation, not worth mention.proxyappellation网

Hopefully, that’s the effect

Like this ? Well I did it quickly so I didn’t look at the disgusting details lol.

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Thank you for the above buddies, the current rendering level can only do this, I hope to improve it, let the objects emit light alone, and make more meaningful renderings

Yeah… well, real-time global illuminations is not really the easiest thing to do, especially on mobile.

Maybe someday through some screenspace GI stuffs.

In fact there is screen space for almost all real-time rendering functions? Are caustics possible too?