Paint light / Bloom

I am testing bioluminescent renders in Nomad with interesting results, but not super satisfying.

So I thought it would be cool to have an option to paint light / self illumination.
It don’t have to really emit light and light up other objects. I was more thinking about the “add” paint mode. Paint that is bright even when not lit. Or a mode to paint bloom reaction areas, where bloom is acting much more sensitive?

This would give plenty options for fake self illumination effects, which will look awesome though.

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Emissive painting has already been requested multiple times.


The ability to select matcap/pbr on a per-object basis could be a suitable workaround unto you get a chance to implement emission (if that’s easier). :grin:

I see refratcion in changelog :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

And what about a fake option? A material, that ignores light and environment?
Just like flatcolor in an PBR scene, like @Justin_Ross says?

Edit. To make it more obvious.
In my ideal world, I am able to paint in same style then light reflections on this picture.

It doesn’t have to emit light just should look like light. Like I would paint light in Procreate, but in 3D.


This is what I achieved inside Nomad using additive opacity…

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You’re right, we just need to be able to paint a pure color without it being influenced by the environment, the light then it is the bloom filter that takes over. Perhaps it would also be necessary in the bloom to have a setting that would allow glow on the painted color or then downright glow only for the emiting paint like that we could better control.

Almost there, If painting itself could be additive….

I used a black background and a white environment plus bloom.

Works with matcaps as well, but more elegant with PBR.

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Almost solved with this quick test.
I am remembering @Dface_Lesh doing this already ages ago, now. :roll_eyes:

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With the current pbr implementation, black metalness always output pure black, which means completely invisible with additive.

Yeah, that’s what I used.
Maybe I can change my request?

An include/exclude object dialogue for bloom would solve most tasks. :vulcan_salute:


Wouldn’t it be easier like that? An emissive channel and a glow button like the bloom but only for the paint areas with emissive?

Yeah long ago, when I still not sure what I want to focus in 3D. :smile:
Without any fancy thing and didn’t use post process either, only light and environment and perspective camera.


And current with post process only make more glowing
Same thing didn’t change anything

Ps I’m using different opacity (it’s call that before there’s blending and addictive), different color, different distances between inner with outer object, and it’s not just one object it’s 3 actually :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Well can draw with glowing paint like procreate or artstudio pro does make life easier. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

“exclude this object from [this postprocess]”

^ No go for now (and probably forever)
It’s technically possible but you are opening a can of worms and you often need to understand exactly how renderer is working (Unity custom pipelines, Unreal Engine custom depth pass, etc).

“can I paint [my_channel]” (emissive here)

In the future but not now, I already explained elsewhere that it adds extra memory and I need to rework things so that unused channel doesn’t take extra memory.
Otherwise many user won’t be able to re-open old files with lot of layers.

One of the reason why I added additive is that it doesn’t require face ordering, meaning if you have a very complex mesh, it will shows correctly in the viewport (unlike blending, where you’ll see some weird patterns). It’s like that in every real-time renderer.

Also if you are using Bloom you should almost always use Tonemapping, otherwise the brights pixels will be saturated

Oh, that is sad news. Would have loved this for lights as well.