Suggesting and requesting for features

Hey there!
I have some suggestions and request features

Emissive painting : add ability to paint Emissive Channel just like metalness and Roughness, it would work great with post processing effects with taking a final render of our creations.

Alphas : add more premade alphas like Noise , scratches , dust and more which is essential for Sculpting and painting as a starter.


Limit to 1 render image in trial version :
Right now , we can’t take even a one render image of our creations , i think user should have a option to render 1 image in trial version …
so that they can see how good the quality and final output of their rendered creations , it will help and encourage them to buy full version.

Emissive painting

Too early for that especially since every additional painting channel add some memory footprint. Also it needs to be exported/imported so I want to be sure about it.
I’ll think about it once I improved the PBR rendering (light/shadow, postprocessing like bloom, etc)


It takes time to author them, especially for me since I’m not an artist and I don’t know how to create them.
Also many of “alpha packs” that you can find online have some licensing issues so I can’t simply get/buy one and drop it inside Nomad.
When I’ll have time I might think about it more (of if I find a good looking alpha pack with adequate licensing).

Limit to 1 render image in trial version :

Well to be honest I don’t want to spend more time on the trial Android version, especially since the iOS version doesn’t have one.
Already most of the feature are unlocked and the render screenshot is more or less similar to a native mobile screenshot.


Yes Please! :heart_eyes: