Thoughts on painting in Nomad

v 1.40

I feel acquainted enough with the tools to offer some suggestions/features.
Yeah, some are already requested, but will echo them here as well.

Things I felt I needed:

  • Auto masking features from similar apps

Mainly mask by cavity, but mask by layer would be super cool and handy as well. I don’t think I’ve seen that anywhere else.

  • Angle jitter control

You can see alpha repetition pretty easily…I had to work a little harder to hide it. Scatter and color jitter would be cool too. These controls are helpful for natural/organic stuff.

Things I just really wanted:

  • HSL adjustment

This would be a big time-saver, and extremely helpful for lookdev

  • Ability to view and paint in a Roughness viewport

Even though real time pbr painting is awesome, I would still find use for this, especially if it is less battery/performance hungry

Miscellaneous odds and ends:

  • related to above: Roughness Grayscale slider and/or swatch in addition to the numerical value

  • ‘Paint all’ function is great. Having a ‘Clear’ function would be equally great.

  • A one button display toggle for vertex colors would be nice, especially for users that switch between paint and sculpt a lot. (or for dum dums like me who had to bake down their vertex colors into the base layer, even though I didn’t really need to)

  • Quick toggle to turn off/on mask shading

Sometimes I need to isolate areas to paint while still needing to see the overall color and values in real time. I’ve had to resort to: paint->clear mask->undo->repeat

We appreciate all you’ve done, and continue to do with your app, Steph! Keep up the great work :metal: