UI/Materials/Layers new feature ideas

Hi @stephomi! Thanks for great update as always. I have a few questions about Icons of Custom tools. It is possible to make and add my own Icons for Custom tools? Also Can you add support some kind of Directory for Tools panel?

About PBR - it will be cool if we have option Scale/Rotate/etc for All map per object.
And if we change color map Scale - we also automaticly change Scale for all maps for one object.
It is possible to add Layers support for PBR too? I mean Can we Mix them by using vertex paint and PBR and they works with layers too?

About Vertex material paint. You add Texture support for Color /Roughness/ Metalness
Tehnicaly It is possible to add Normal map too? It will gives us option to paint premade high detail Decals without UV. Thanks!

Folder for tools maybe one day but you are not supposed to save tools for each material, I should add textures to material preset someday.
Custom icon is planned.

No layers for textures, it would go too much into texturing territory, at least for now.
And it wouldn’t make much sense to add it without being able to paint on texture (or it’s mask).
Sync button is planned for transform.

As for normal map, it’s not clear yet, maybe but it needs special care as it would allow displacement independently from the stroke parameter (paint could allow displacement, etc)


I’m sorry, but I have to disagree. In my opinion, you have to save the brush tools you create yourself. It takes a lot of work to create a good complete material including alpha, falloff, stroke spacing color texture + maps, I can’t create that every time. For example, you don’t just need 1 rock material, but many different ones, so I have to save every single Material

. Is your idea that every material is recreated every time? I can’t even find the right alpha for some color textures in the Nomad directory anymore. I delete the tools from Nomad every time, because the toolbox no longer fits on the screen and there are no subfolders, and load them back into the Nomad folder as needed. Unfortunately, this is very cumbersome. For the example, I only need 3 brushstrokes, time 15 sec, if I had to recreate the materials every time I would need at least a quarter of an hour.

No but that the material are available through the material list, similarly to matcap, hdri, etc

But the material doesn’t include the alpha and the tool settings like paint intensity or falloff, does it? Only materials including all data would make sense, otherwise you can’t make the material again.
Example: for a good reptile skin brush Tool that should work in stroke mode, you need a special falloff curve, appropriate stroke spacing and the right color intensity to get a good soft transitioning result. I sometimes put more than an hour on the settings and textures in Procreate and Nomad until the result fits. These settings must be preserved including all maps.

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@stephomi I like Idea with Materials Presets is very nice (Can we export Materials and Install them on other device?) and I agree with @Holger_Schoenischka about tools - there are many important settings in Tool presets. For example we can choice from premade Materials for painting with some Cool Sculpting tool stuff.
Also I made some quick concept for tools UI maybe its can be helpfull:

One solution could be inside the brush stroke panel you create a box with every material/alpha/fallof preset for that particular brush just like in blender.

If you open for exemple the standard brush you can create infinite numbers of pre sets inside that brush you can even customize its icons.