Importing images to use as materials

First up, serious respect for the creator/s of this app! I learned 3D max years ago and have downloaded and tried various apps over the years which just didn’t cut it for me. This is beautiful. Thanks so much for your great work!

Apologies if I’ve missed these features in my excitement but if there isn’t already this function I’d love to be able to import png files with alpha channel to use as material maps with alpha channel for transparency and also potentially to use as displacement maps (I’ve got quite a lot of seamless tiles I’ve generated in infinite painter and would like to see if they work for surface detail).

Obviously if those features are doable at the moment I’d love to hear about it and would be super impressed but for now I’m happy to add it to the ‘one day maybe’ list.

Thanks again for a wonderful app. I do think we should lobby apple for a tip jar. I’d love to be able to tip the creators of apps I’ve found a lot of value in without having to sign up for a subscription. I very much appreciate any developers who offer something without adds or subscriptions.

Read this, I think this would help Nomad Change Log - #40 by stephomi

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Thanks so much for this link. That’s a banger of a list!
A well designed app like this is a thing of beauty.
So many tweaks to make a great thing even better.
In a decade or whatever of being disappointed by apps on tablets which promise things they are ill-equipped to deliver this is only number 2 of my list of world class arty apps.