Multiple requests

Well you already know me Stephomi, you know that what attracts me most in nomad is the rendering, I will request some multiple features ;D

haze effect : Let’s say this would help me in darker scenarios and rain theme

RGB chromatic aberration slider

Create shadows without an object underneath :slight_smile:

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Light Bokeh & Solar Flares would also be nice :grimacing:

My priority
Shadow catcher material
Volumetric lights

All other effects listed are really nice to have, but could be solved in other 2D apps as well.
Maybe even better.

I can use Affinity or Photoshop but it’s not the same, visually and aesthetically it looks fine from one rendered shot - but I don’t work this way personally. What’s on one angle I want on them all, producing multiple renders of one model with these kind of effects is the crux of it - I don’t mind doing one over-all composition edit afterward, but that’s photographic themed touch ups I apply, not so much vfx.

Sure, understood.
It‘s just more cool to have those effects first, which are a hell in Post or not possible.
In Long Term, I will be more than happy to play with every single effect possible directly in Nomad.

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Z-Depth Fog will help a lot for atmosphere and scene scale realism.