Transparency sorting - how many layers can we do?

not sure if bug or feature request as any transparency in realtime on an ipad is impressive to me :smiley: lol.

however i have noticed i can have 2 transparent objects at a time visible. when i go above 2 they will remove the geo behind them when rotating. so for instance im making a car - i can do the winshield, but the 2 sets of windows behind will not function . most noticeable if i rotate or use the turntable.

is the current limitation 2 transparent assets? or maybe that is not meant to happen. thanks for any info :slight_smile: - i havent tried combining them into 1 mesh, maybe that would be a work around?

fyi, i work 90% of the time in mapcaps as i like stylized materials.

so this may not be an issue in PBR, i havent tested it

Combining could help but there is no perfect solution.
You can read Transparency / Opacity – Sketchfab Help Center

(Nomad is using the Blending method)

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