Shader / mactap

Mactap and HDRS , There could be a way to separate the 2 per object

You can use different matcaps per object - deselect “global matcap” and you can choose different ones for each object. Global matcaps is a tick box within the matcaps menu.

I’d like to see this also implemented in Layers, being able to blend different MatCap’s together would be nice. I’ve done it with double mesh’s and some of the outcomes have been really nice especially with custom MatCap’s.

Layer mixing would be great - it would almost be the Procreate equivalent within Nomad. If we could assign layer transparency and “modes” to the layers, I think that’d be a killer feature.
My main use of matcaps has been mixing them within Procreate / Photoshop - essentially rendering out the same image with different matcaps and then using blending modes within procreate to do things like ageing or wearing of edges etc.

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Well, you are not talking about layer only, but also a bunch of blending options like multiply, add, overlay, don’t you?

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That’s what I was thinking - we’re some way there with the Post Process features, in that there is already control over visual aspects of the realtime render. It would surely be a short leap into blending options as they’re really the same as post processing in the way they blend colour values together. I may be over simplifying the maths involved in these graphical effects but the layer system with colour, roughness, metalness & deformation control is already very robust & presents an awesome base to build upon.

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My issue with the layer system is that it doesn’t allow opacity per channel (the opacity is shared by all channel).

It’s something that is bothering since almost a year, I’d like to fix someday.
Until it’s done, nothing is planned on the layer-side?

As for the original question, mixing matcap and PBR probably won’t happen.
I want Matcap to be used for sculpting mostly, not rendering.


This is short thinking imho.
PBR is not offering enough options for Illustrators. At least so far.

I won’t change my mind on Matcap, there won’t be any further advancement.

That’s fine, some other post features could offer even better results together with PBR :smiley:

-Curvature thickness control. A thickness over length curve would be a dream.
-Color Grading Main does not give black white result with 90 degree step and AO on. Even when Tone mapping contrast is full as well.

I respect Stephane’s decision as always, ultimately I would’ve too liked to have seen more MatCap enhancements (among all the other things we hound him for :sweat_smile:). Stephane makes enough compromises for us anyway, so kudos and massive love sent his way irregardless. On the plus, I discovered how to create MatCap shader look in PBR awhile back by toying with double/triple meshes and material types:

May be an unofficial route, given my recent experiments also keeping a wealth of RAM free + vertices low whilst learning how enhance detail up the wazoo, it makes a completable, high poly sculpt with this blended look quite viable. Viva’ La Nomad! :grin:

Ok, super OT sorry,

But there was a cool outline workaround on Discord btw. Works very well:

Duplicate mesh.
Create layer
Use inflate with grab dynamic
Go to material = always unlit, inverse culling, two sided OFF
Adjust layer strength
Create another layer for changing color
Create another layer for sculpting adjustments

Now you can control line thickness via first inflate layer. And combine with anything you want.

Mega OT: upcoming release will be a blast, and there is always more than one way to achieve what one want. And yes, Stephane is the hottest developer on App Store imho. Some are called wizard, he simply is one.


Always full of ideas Knacki, wouldn’t expect anything less from your ingenious creativity :+1:

@knacki if you can figure out a way of replicating this type of shading I’d be very interested in knowing how… Arcane | Official Trailer | Netflix - YouTube

Thanks, but It was not me, Lazyguy from discord discovered this. :vulcan_salute:

Well this is a very nice look @Steve. I am following the NPR trends for a couple of years now. There are beautiful results around. But to solve this in Nomad? ….We’ll see. :wink:

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Looks interesting!

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