Object-ID + Matcap shader?

Similar to how matcaps can be combined with paint, it would be great to have a matcap shading mode with each object colored by its object ID. That would allow for shading while being able to easily visually distinguish between objects. Object-ID mode with an unlit shader is helpful for some things, but combining it with matcap shading would be kind of perfect IMO.

(Unless this is already possible and I just missed it)

Isn’t it easiest just to render different pics with any style you want and combine it in the app, where you rendered the material ID for?

I am just curious if your suggested combination would have any advantage inside Nomad? Is there any other use than using it for post?

I actually only considered value in Nomad. The object ID shader seems kind of useless to me right now. Since it’s unlit colors, you can’t really sculpt with it on, so I’m not sure what the point is.

If it was matcap + object id colors, though, you could just leave it on to easily see which objects are which, while sculpting.

This is not a render mode, but a debug/help mode.
Especially when you have tons of objects, it help you see where are the objects.
I don’t see the point in sculpting in this mode (you don’t control the color assignment anyway).

Otherwise it can be used when exporting an image, for compositing purpose (thus the unlit mode), but it’s a more advanced usage and wasn’t the primary reason why I added it.

That’s how I will use material ID.
For quick and easy masking.
It makes absolute sense for this task.
Of course, the two pictures would be two layers exactly above each other.

Ah, yeah, using it for masking in post makes a lot of sense. I was picturing it as a visualization tool along the lines of ZBrush’s polygroups feature, so I was confused about why it would be just unlit.

Thanks for the clarification.