Grouping - folders for objects

hey! so recently finished a model, however it was super tricky towards the end to find identify objects as every small part was seperate. I generally do cel shaded art with matcaps and in the model i like to use 5-10 unique matcaps on my models.

So if im making a car wheel. id use 1 for the rubber, 1 for the metal, another for emissive-bright materials. To do so i have to break it into smaller pieces and assign unique matcaps. This means multiple smaller parts for 1 element. ( the wheel)

It becomes very complicated sorting things, requiring tons of layers/objects. could we have a folder system, so i can place all my parts for the chassis in a folder and another folder for windows and another for doors etc.

the simple merge does group assets but you loose the individual mat cap settings. so i can rarely use that.


This would make my life so much easier! I’m constantly grouping and ungrouping, which then resets the tools mirroring, remesh, etc to default AND if the objects are sliced pieces, even simple merge often fuses them back together (often a plus, but not always).

Yes! I actually suggested that on Twitter (before i know this forum existed)
It would be really nice to have a basic outliner structure:
Parents/childs to transform, delete, duplicate and toggle visibility.
I would also love the lights in there, as they are a part of the scene and can be toggled and transform as well.

Hopefully we can have something like that soon!


Very keen to see this as well!

I would also truly love a group feature, not simply a merge. It would be great to group multiple objects together (and be able to name that group) but still be able to access each object for editing. I admittedly don’t use the layer feature in my sculpts so perhaps there’s a way to do that there? Keep up the AMAZING work. This app is a game changer for me.

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