Matcap similar to this one

I would like to get this matcap on Nomad any idea how to approach it? make the dust with the color range on post process?

This is a tougher one. It’s done with zbrushs cavity options we are missing in Nomad, I guess. First tests haven’t been that promising.

If we could color Ambient Occlusion, best with a Gradient……I’ll keep on thinking about it.

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Yesterday a friend exported some textures from Z materials to test in Nomad but don’t look properly, if the texture has some grain or detail it’s remains fixed a shows a strange effect on Nomad.
Thanks to think about :slight_smile:

The only thing i can think of is using s9mething like this for the base

Then once you have your sculpt try some ‘depth filtering’ painting over it.

Maybe ? :slight_smile:

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Maybe try in the web demo to see if the issue persists.

What mean ‘depth filtering’ ?

The webdemo is the same ipad/android app?

No the web demo usually includes the next release features, it’s a development version.

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With the paintbrush

Set the depth filter up or down to get like a “dry brush” effect … so you only apply paint to the raised surfaces

Ah ok, I have pending play with this feature

Ok, good to know it, and the list of new features is available?


Ok, the log post. Thanks.