Rendering updates

love the rendering in the viewport. amazing.

something that could improve it further. - an antialiasing option for when capturing images. mine come out still abit jagged.

enabling the outline in renders - i do like increasing the size of the selection outline, turning it black and then grabbing screenshots to use as a toon outline. would be great to have that option.

Mapcap zbrush format support or conversion - i have a lot of mapcaps id love to use, but dont own zbrush anymore so cant convert them and they cant be opened in photoshop. if we could import into nomad or have a way to convert them to nomad format it would be amazing. i have no clue how it get them in.

Did you try to increase the resolution in the settings panel?
I default to 1.25x, but native retina resolution is 2.0x.
There’s obviously a performance hit, but if it’s just for capturing images it’s fine.

Note that if you use the render “Export png” feature, this setting is ignored.

Hmm it’s already enabled.

Zbrush proprietary format, so I cannot read them.

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awesome! it is indeed possible for the outlines!, not sure why it didnt work at first.

the map caps i found a way to open in other software and changed to image for nomad, so probably good. Id recommend possibly a “nomad Share” feature someday, this way i could share my mapcaps and so could others, helps build the community. Also could be used for brush alphas + curve settings. :slight_smile:

Salut Stephane, i tried the outlines again and it does indeed work, however could we have a way of having outlines on each separate asset?.

So maybe when capturing a render we could have the outline around all detached objects.

Workaround for now is 1 by 1 > select objects > (it updates outline) > render > deselect/reselect another part > rerender… > then composite in procreate or another app.

I imagine the outline is a push from the objects normals creating extra polys, so doing that on everything would be expensive. but maybe when rendering we could specify we want individual outlines and other features are disabled during the capture of the render.

Btw i made some cool Cel shaded assets already and its all done in nomad, ill have to share shortly. it works so well!.

It’s actualy done as a postprocess.
Otherwise you could see the inside bleeding “inside” the model, for example on the contour of a nose.

The outline is mostly an alternative to the “darken unselected”, it’s not really meant to be used as an artistic cel shading.

Making a cell shaded can make sense, but I prefer to focus on modeling/sculpting features for now.
And if I improve the rendering, I would probably focus first on : transparency (refraction glass, dithering), subsurface scattering, volumetric/fog, etc.

One way to do cel shading is to duplicate a mesh, scale it along its normal, invert the face order, and disable backface.
But for now you can’t invert faces or displace points along their normals globally (probably in the future, although not for cel shading in mind)

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ok no worries, thanks for explaining, that makes sense :). worth a shot asking!.

Subsurface scattering could be cool :slight_smile:

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Users are like a glutton / wolverine / carcajou :joy::joy:

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Totally agree - I have actually stopped requesting new features because it seems disrespectful to Stephane who is doing amazing work already, with his own dev plan.