Instantly pixelart render (v1.65)

I’ve just discovered this feature and I need to share it with you.

Did you know you can render a pixelarted image from your sculpt in real time in Nomad? Well, now you know.

What you need:

  1. A sculpt
  2. Additional primitive (to focus selection)
  3. An outline
  4. Render resolution at 0.50
  5. Post process features

In your project, add a primitive and put it aside. Turn on an outline, set render resolution to 0.50, add post process features like quality, SSR, sharpness, tone mapping, etc.

Zoom out and voilà!

The outline is the key to get sharp pixels. Whitout it everything gets blurry.

Some examples:



I know it’s not pixelart, but as a starting point it is really something. Especially with realtime light render.

I think this feature is very useful so please, @stephomi, don’t break it :wink:


So cool! :smile:

Great thing ! So you can also create something pixelated.

Yes, it’s a great method to get a quick sketch. And in a raster/pixelart dedicated program (Photoshop, GIMP, Aseprite) you can reduce the colors or use your palette. I find this feature very useful.

In the “Debug” menu there is a “nearest” option that could help sharpen things as well (it can break things though).

The outline trick is a bug and will be fixed on the next release.

I quickly added a pixelart and scanline effect postprocess, see nomad - WebAssembly
Not sure if that could be useful.


This. Is. Wonderful. <3 Thank you!

EDIT: this is so cool.


I just updated the pixel art effect a little bit, outline work correctly now.

Note that you can drag & drop file project (not saving though, since it’s mostly meant for testing).


This is insane :star_struck:


That’s awesome - good things happen when you come back to the forum. Welcome back Alex :love_you_gesture:t3:

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I was wondering if resolution slider wouldn’t be better than radio boxes. This filter has a very big potential.


Really nice tip ! thank you

So cute pixelart :grimacing:

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You can try applying sharpness filter to get more crispy look.

yes :slight_smile: it’s so nice the possibilities

It’s changed a lot,may be…There are no render resolution now, so how can I redo it?

Are you using the webdemo?


oh,there is.thanks

nope, it’s the latest editon in the store.