How to flip normals?

I was searching for an option, but didn’t find anything in help or this forum.
Is this possible?
I would like to cut a cylinder open and flip normals to create a stage.

With mirror bug lol

Not working.
I masked the object and created a shell. Did the trick for this test.

Scale an axis with -1.0.
It’s not really meant to be used that way but it does the trick.

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Thank you :+1: I forgot that discussion. I just had in mind that there is a way.

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This doesn’t seem to work. When trying to scale on one axis Nomad automatically scales all axis - even with Uniform Scale un-checked.

Is there another way?

That’s not the behavior I got, please make a video showcasing the issue you just described.

Please let me know if the video doesn’t work.

iPhone X and 2021ipad pro 11” produce the same result.

Both flip the object on the axis. All axis scales are the same even when box is unchecked. The sphere is in there for reference. You can see the object flipping around to the other side of the sphere.

Use inverse culling in material menu.

Wonderful! Thank you!