Flip normals

I searched the forum and I found this Can’t colour mesh maybe normals are flipped somehow? - #4 by Alex_McPherson, the problem is the same, I can’t paint the same color that I painted in other meshes, after a long long time trying to guess what was happening, I thought that the normals were inverted. I resolved to export obj to Blender, inverted the normals, and exported again.

The trick doesn’t work for me:

mask it
at the mask settings/panell set “shell thickness” to 0
extract it.

Any Nomad way to flip the normals?

How arrive here, I started with a tube and changed the silhouette, I guess that by playing with the silhouette shape maybe I inverted them and then created the mesh invert, makes sense?

Attach capture with the two meshes.

If you used tube profile you may have inverted the surface as Stephane demonstrated on Discord with this video…?

also you could try voxel remeshing

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Or you can toggle inverse culling in material menu.

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Yes but the normals are still flipped, then when I move to Blender or others the problem remain.

Remeshing don’t fix it, the solution is don’t flip the shape when you are in edit mode before validate it like the video, in fact was a my mistake when playing with the shape and could be fixed easily before validate.

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Thanks for the tip :ok_hand:

So if a mesh has wrong normals (inside out), then I use inverse Culling ON, so that the mesh is right around. Then EXPORT mesh as STL (ONLY selected) and import back to the scene. Then inverse culling is OFF and normals are ok.
The only problem is that the mesh is slightly different.
But it only works if the whole mesh is reversed, if only looking part of the back through the mesh this does not help.

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then saving without export import doesn’t fix that seems, right?