Inverted obj surface

I imported this obj file but I noticed that the surface is behind. Can I reverse it?

Please help urgently

This is a mask, isn’t it ? If you look at the mask from the front (Front View) then the shape should be ok.
Or do you want the shape to be closed, i.e. the eyes closed and the back closed?
You can’t turn the mesh like a t-shirt, so that the seams are on the outside.

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I’m trying to make normal maps. But the orientation of the mesh is inside out,so it doesn’t work.

What I’m trying to achieve is called flipping normals (recalculate normals) in blender.
The mesh is inside out, so when I paint it shows colour

correctly on the inside instead of the outside

Try inverse culling in the Material menu.

Okay thanks

Or in the Gizmo Matrix, there you can also change the mesh. e.g. Scale -1
Just test it.