New to nomad sculpt and cannot find how to…

Hello everybody,

I just download the app for a precise need but it gives me so much ideas for the future !
I need help on a thing and hope someone could help me here. I have to modify an .obj file I own. It seems that the designer has inverted some faces, so it is impossible to work on it. How can I invert those faces. I think this should not be a big issue, but even if I searched for the solution here I haven’t found any topic about it.

You see, the inverted faces appears orange….

Any idea?
Thank you so much !

As far as I’m aware, nomad cannot ‘flip faces’.

Take it into blender or something similar and ‘flipping the normals’ is just a few clicks. But if you’re going to do that you may as well edit yhe whole thing there.

Your best bet in nomad is to probably, use a mask and delete those faces from the model, put a hollow cylinder in to replace it, then voxel remesh the model.

(Least that’s how I’d tackle it :slight_smile: )

There may be a few possibilities.
But what do you want to do with the object ? Sculpting, or maybe just painting…?
Can you upload the OBJ here or send a link to the file ?
But first test the switches on the photo - every single one - and import the OBJ again, maybe that helps already.

Maybe that will work too:
Is it possible to mask the area exactly with the SelMask (Front vertex only)? If yes, then mask the area. Then split the masked area with a shell =0. Then unmask. Material Settings - activate INVERSE Culling. Select both objects in the scene and SIMPLE Merge. Again inverse culling.

Turn on two-sided in Display settings, both faces (front/back) will then be visible and useable. There’s also the option to change the back faces colour, or uncheck them to have them same as the front faces.

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