Alpha Imges/Planes in Scene

Just an Idea:
Whats about alpha images in the scene window? Would that be able anyhow?
Will that be rendered with ligh/shadows?
So one could place low poly plants with alpha leafs for example.
Or grass, hair etc.
And thank you very much for this masterpiece of software right now!
It was me a pleasue to buy the app cause you truely earned it with your hard work.

lg marco

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The change log for the next version includes

“ textures: use the alpha channel of the color texture as transparency”

So looks like your wish is granted :slight_smile:


Yes, you’ll just need to switch the material to blending and it should work. (Leave the slider to 1.0)


That sounds gooood! :star_struck::heart_on_fire:

I dont fully understand. You mean it’s possible right now?
Ive tried but the closest thing Ive got was with additive material and unlit according to this technique:

But its still see-through…


Is there any chance to test it in web demo? I had invisible objects in mind. Invisible Objects, like a plane, I could paint partly with opaque color. Like hair planes I.e…

Next release.

Is there any chance to test it in web demo?
drag n drop a model with a color texture, either glb or obj.
You cannot load texture in the UI.


The web demo can do the transparent UV textures, the plant consists of 3 transparent photos.
I made a test with Procreate, unfortunately Procreate can NOT export 3D OBJ with transparency.

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