How do you pose an alpha seamless?

i recently try to use alphas as textures. I‘m really struggeling to pose them seamless. The alphas always overlap or doesn‘t fit.
For example

Example is with symetry.

I would like to know that as well.
A function to lock alpha on place and reveal it while continuously painting would be cool. Can‘t work for 360 degree, I guess, but still it would be nice.

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Hmm not sure is this what you guys mean?

My alpha

Do you use stamp or brush??

I’m using stamp or clay. But depending on the object and what purpose.

The problem in my case is that the alpha is not big enough for the whole model. So i have to put an other stamp next to the first one. How do you avoid the seams or overlapping?
I use for the stamp „Grab dynamic radius“

I’ll probably experiment with an option to help with that at some point.
I got a few ideas but I’m not sure if it’s going to work out.


I was thinking about this as well.

Apply pattern brush is one idea I came up with.
You define a alpha, seamless or not.

Now you can paint the alpha like the grain texture in Procreate or texture in any other app. Or under brush option you can directly apply to unmask area.
But before final release you can resize alpha with brush size and redefine depth with strength slider, and rotate via pencil till it fits. If the alpha is seamless, it will result in seamless structure or with repetitions of alpha with seams. Of course with it’s limitations of missing UV. Maybe simple projection modes like, Square, sphere, planar and cylinder.

Just an idea.


Hmmm well i have some trick for it but im not sure about the result since i haven’t try it.
And im not in place where my nomad is.:sweat_smile:

Or “simple” alpha tiling in alpha options?

Hmm I don’t think it’s working perfectly, but I’m pleased with the result.

The place I drag the stamp with symmetry, and using mirror. Gizmo if need to adjust the position.

If want perfectly equal well it will need different alpha with this kind of shape.

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That’s what I am getting and it’s driving me batshit crazy. Also I wish the
Alphas would be tileable.

Looks like 1.41 added tiling options to the stroke menu. Maybe that’ll do what you want?


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