Alphas with Nomad

I have a question as newbie, I don’t know if this alphas could be compatible with Nomad so say something about height.

Are they ok to use with Nomad?

I test it with a demo pack before purchase and work :sweat_smile:
I understand that in nomad I can’t use displacement maps right? I appreciate If someone could clarify

Hi there, there are trillions of alphas out there.
Doesn’t mean a good pack can’t help.
Pixologic offers a big amount I.e. for free
But they are psd. I am sure you can find them converted.

Second problem with those packs is, that they packing your device full as well. Good idea to have a memory strategy or huge space, which is never enough.

Yes, keep organized is the key to find later the elements.
I don’t know how paint seamless alphas, it’s possible? For example skin, it’s stamps by stamps until fill the area? Sorry if the questions too obviously.

If your texture is tileable then in Stroke menu select Screen project and X/Y tiling to repeat

Ok, I tested it and works but the scale must be adjusted to keep inside the circle reference or left at 1.0?